About The Author: Audra Foulk

Audra Foulk is a passionate guinea pig enthusiast who has dedicated her life to helping others become the best guinea pig parent they can be. She is the owner and writer of the website guineapigparent.com, which is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and advice for new, current, and prospective guinea pig owners.

Audra has been a fan of guinea pigs since she was a young girl. She began raising guinea pigs as a hobby, and soon became enthralled with the unique personalities, behaviors, and needs of these small, furry friends. She has since dedicated her life to learning as much as she can about guinea pigs and helping others care for them.

Audra has a degree in animal science and has worked closely with various animal rescue organizations and shelters. She has extensive experience in the areas of animal nutrition, behavior, and care.

In addition to her work on guineapigparent.com, Audra is a frequent contributor to other pet-related websites, magazines, and publications. She is also a speaker at a variety of pet-related events, where she shares her knowledge and expertise with other pet owners.

Audra is passionate about helping people become the best guinea pig owners they can be. She believes that with the right knowledge, anyone can give their guinea pigs the care, nutrition, and attention they need to stay healthy and happy. Through her website and other contributions, Audra hopes to continue to provide the resources and information people need to become the best guinea pig parents they can be.