Are Guinea Pigs Playful? How Do They Play?

Guinea pigs are extremely playful and social animals that are great pets for children and adults alike. Guinea pigs love to play chase with other guinea pigs. When alone, guinea pigs will spend most of their time eating or playing with toys.

Guinea Pig Play Time

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, it’s easy to be enticed by one of these furry, rabbit-like critters.

Guinea pigs are small herbivores native to South America. The animals are members of a group called cavia (or cavy for short), which also includes rabbits and chinchillas.

They were first domesticated 3,000 years ago by the Incas and have become so domesticated that they can no longer be found in the wild.

Cavies are like little children when it comes to playtime; they love chewing on soft, safe toys. Your pet will enjoy munching on natural and homemade toys made from things like paper towel rolls, toilet paper tubes, and cardboard boxes.

Be sure to supervise your cavy when he’s playing with these toys so you can quickly remove them if he gets too interested in gnawing.

Cavies also enjoy hopping around and racing to see who can get from one place to another first. You could also let your cavy run free in your backyard while you’re outside with them to make sure they don’t get lost or go into hiding.

Fun Toys Guinea Pigs Love Playing With

Do It Yourself (DIY) toys for guinea pigs are cheap and easy to make, plus your guinea pig might find them more fun because it feels more like a game when they have to work for their food!

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They can also help teach your cavy new skills, such as learning how to hop from place to place on command.

If you feel like getting more creative with your homemade treats and toys, you could try making some homemade hidey houses or even other guinea pig furniture that suits their needs better than traditional cage inserts might.

There’s so much out there that can be used – everything from small cardboard boxes to pine cones can be used as interesting hiding spots!

You can also send them on treasure hunts for their favorite treats (like hay or food pellets) by hiding the treats inside some of your homemade toys. Make sure you’re not giving your guinea pig too many treats, though!

You can use part of their meal during playtime so that their meal lasts longer and they get some mental stimulation by looking for their food.

What Time of Day Are Guinea Pigs Most Playful?

Guinea pigs are most energetic early in the morning. Like humans, they tend to be more lively earlier in their waking hours. That being said, don’t be surprised if your guinea pig is a ball of energy later at night. Playtime can happen at any time during their active hours.

Guinea pigs’ prime hours in the morning or evening last about three to four hours each day. If you get up in the morning and your guinea pig’s been sleeping for a few hours, expect them to be extra enthusiastic once they finally wake up.

For example, say that your piggies’ active times are from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., you can probably count on them being more engaged with you (and toys) during those times compared to 7 p.m.

Things to Remember When Playing With Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs make great pets, but it’s important to know how to play with them. Playtime should be supervised at all times because it is easy for a guinea pig to get over-excited and hurt itself or escape.

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Ensure there are no wires or other objects in the cage that they can chew through and potentially ingest bits of plastic that could cause gastrointestinal problems a few hours later.

Also, remember that most guinea pigs do not like being picked up. If you want your pet to enjoy playing games with you, you may need a few lessons first!

Their front teeth grow throughout their lives. This means they constantly look for things to chew to trim their teeth. When holding your guinea pig, don’t be offended if they try to chew on you. They don’t mean any harm!

Behavioral Issues From Lack of Play Time

Inadequate play may not only change your pet’s behavior, but it could also cause health problems.

A lack of play can lead to a variety of issues. For example, if your pet does not have enough toys to carry around or things to chew on, it may start chewing on furniture or other items in your home.

It’s easy to let your pet entertain itself with its own toys when you’re not around, but they may not do it in your absence. This is why it’s important to make sure that your pet has plenty of safe and healthy options to keep it occupied when you leave for work or school.

One great option is a puzzle feeder. These devices hold food inside until the guinea pig solves a simple puzzle. Once the puzzle has been solved, the treat will be released. This requires time and effort from the guinea pig, which will keep them entertained while eating.

Keep your guinea pig happy and engaged, and you’ll have a great relationship!