Can Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Breed?

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Rabbits and guinea pigs cannot breed. However, that does not mean buck rabbits will not try. Buck rabbits are unpredictable and may try to breed with guinea pigs (even though this is not possible). It’s best to keep rabbits and guinea pigs in separate cages.

Have you ever sat on your living room couch and stared out the window to see a bunny rabbit hopping along? One minute, they were sitting right in front of the window. The next minute, they were hiding under your children’s swing set. How in the world do they hop along so fast?

And what about guinea pigs…have you ever walked into a pet store and stared at the guinea pigs in their homes? More than likely, they had those cute little barrels and water bottles to keep them busy. Even the way they eat is adorable!

Aren’t they so intriguing to watch? They move so swiftly and are hyper-aware of their surroundings. Guinea pigs are just as swift and just as intriguing as rabbits.

Answering The Important Question

Both little animals are fun to observe. They move so quickly and are extremely aware of their surroundings. It is no wonder you can hardly grab one with your bare hands.

If you’re ever wondering about a child’s favorite pet, you can bet rabbits and guinea pigs are at the top of the list!

These little creatures are adorable and can make the cuddliest pets for your little ones. You may have even considered getting one of each for your child, but then had to wonder how much you really know about these animals.

Sure, they are cute. But if I am about to get one of these exotic pets for my little humans, what else should I know?

And perhaps the most important question of all…Can rabbits and guinea pigs breed?

Two Species Co-Existing

Any time you consider getting two different animals, it’s important to figure out whether or not the two animals can breed. For the most part, animals stick to breeding within their species. However, there are documented cases of animals cross-breeding.

This would be something important to consider if you ever thought about obtaining a rabbit and a guinea pig at the same time to live in the same space.

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You’ll want to consider their species, how they communicate, and the potential health risks when thinking about whether they can breed.

If your daughter wants a rabbit and your son wants a guinea pig, can these two species co-exist with one another? Is it possible (or even safe) for them to live in the same enclosure?

It is probably safe for your son and daughter to co-exist, so maybe it is possible for guinea pigs and rabbits. Let’s see.

Similar…But Different

For starters, they are both small and fast animals with many similar characteristics. They’re both furry, they’re both energetic, and they’re both considered exotic pets. Both rabbits and guinea pigs are social creatures and require delicate handling.

They are both herbivores that enjoy eating hay. So their diets are the same, which makes shopping for pet food much easier!

But none of this answers whether they can breed.

The answer is no, they cannot breed or mate with one another. They are two completely different species, which means they are from two completely different families. Mating isn’t possible for them because two different species cannot co-create without the help of genetic modification.

But Will They Try?

Those buck rabbits sure will try! Buck rabbits are male rabbits. Female rabbits are called does. Male rabbits are often described as ‘touchy-feely’ and are likely to try to mate with any species!

This can be really dangerous because a buck rabbit getting close to a guinea pig could be harmful.

If you place a buck rabbit in the same enclosure as a female guinea pig, we cannot predict the outcome.

These two creatures don’t have the possibility of mating, but that won’t stop the buck rabbit from trying. Because rabbits are much bigger than guinea pigs, any sort of aggressive approach could compromise the health of that little guinea.

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Shouldn’t Be Caged Together

Diet Differences

Besides not breeding together, rabbits and guinea pigs should also not live together. They may both enjoy eating timothy hay and fresh veggies, but they require different foods.

A guinea pig requires a certain amount of Vitamin C from guinea pig food. If that guinea pig is housed in the same space as a rabbit, there’s a chance that Mister Rabbit will take the food away from the guinea pig and consume way more Vitamin C than his diet needs.

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Temperament Differences

We already know that rabbits can be physically aggressive, so those sharp claws that they possess should send off some alarm bells when you think about putting them in the same enclosure as a guinea pig. If they get too close, they can scratch a guinea to the point of creating open wounds on their little bodies.

Body language is one of the main ways that rabbits choose to communicate. When they need to communicate or express themselves, they may growl or hiss. But they may also move with aggression.

This may look like them biting or thumping their feet. If you put a guinea pig around them, that tiny pig may be harmed. They could bite that guinea or even stomp on them.

As for guinea pigs, their communication isn’t as hostile. Loud shrieks and squeals are their usual ways to express themselves.

However, if they feel threatened by an approaching bunny, that bunny is just as likely to get harmed. Guinea pigs are no strangers to a little biting as well. If a rabbit attempts to breed with a guinea pig, that rabbit may get bitten. As you can imagine, an exotic pet tussle may follow soon after.

Anatomical Differences

Bacteria that bunny rabbits possess, called Bordetella bronchiseptica, can easily become life-threatening for a little guinea if passed along to them.

In a nutshell, not only can they not breed together, you probably don’t even want them living together.

If you absolutely must have a guinea pig and rabbit at the same time, you should probably buy two separate homes for them. Your new little pets will thank you!

Same Species Only

Rabbits and guinea pigs cannot breed with one another because they are from two different species. However, both animals can individually breed within their own species (obviously).

But if a rabbit has been neutered or de-sexed, it can no longer breed. They are said to communicate better and become less aggressive if they have been neutered. This is one of the reasons neutering has developed into a common practice for rabbits.

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