Can Guinea Pigs Be Potty Trained? Tips for a Tidy Habitat

Quick Answer:Guinea pigs can be litter trained to some extent, but they may not be as easy to train as other pets like cats or dogs. It is important to provide a large enough litter box or tray filled...

What Is the Easiest Trick to Teach a Guinea Pig? [So Simple!]

Teaching guinea pig tricks can be a rewarding experience for both you and your pet. One of the easiest tricks to teach a guinea pig is to come when called. This trick can be broken down into a few...

How to Properly Discipline a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs should be disciplined using positive reinforcement or by delaying rewards (such as hand-feeding or time outside the cage). Never yell at your guinea pig, as they will not understand what you are doing. Although it may seem like...

How Do I Calm Down a Scared Guinea Pig?

The correct way to calm a scared guinea pig depends on what has frightened it. One of the best calming methods that works in most situations is to provide the guinea pig with plenty of hiding spots. Guinea pigs...

How to Introduce Two Male Guinea Pigs to Each Other

When introducing male guinea pigs, it's best to offer each of them a towel that has been in the other's enclosure. They will become familiar with each other's scent before they are introduced. After that, move both guinea pigs...

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